Hope you enjoy reading about the adventures of Cherokee Tails. Please share with your children. God made all animals to relate to people in some way. The adventures I will be sharing are based on real life adventures that I have observed. We can all learn a lot from animals.

Perhaps you will share with me if you find anything interesting about the poems or stories that you relate to.

Thank you and God bless!

July 23, 2014





Once upon a time there was a cat named Charlie.  Charlie slept on the deck at Nana’s office, and frequently got to go inside next door at Dr. Gary’s office to lie down on the fluffy towels.  Charlie believed that Dr. Gary put the towels there just for him.  After all, he knew he was special!

Charlie was special.  Nana petted him when he came to the glass door and wanted to come inside.  Charlie would take his nap in the basket by Nana’s office.

One day, Nana,  Dr. Gary, Marcy, and Wendy saw four little kittens that looked a lot like Charlie, except for one.  One had a coat of many colors.  Nana named her Cali.


The four little kittens were alone, and they needed a home.  Cali was looking for her mama.  Their mama, Charlotte, Charlie’s daughter, had taken very good care of the kittens.  The kittens were born outside by the big pond in the tall grass.

Charlotte fed them and made sure they were safe.  She was a very good mama.  Charlotte asked God to take care of her kittens, and God made sure the kittens were safe in the tall grass by the big pond.

The kittens started playing outside the office, just like Charlie used to. 


Nana put food and water on the big flat rocks under another big oak tree.  The big oak tree provided  a cool shade for the kittens to eat, play, and sleep!

The kittens loved to sleep down by the roots of the tree on the soft, mossy ground, which they called their bedroom.  “Look here, guys,” said Charlie, Jr., “this is nice and soft! We can sleep here—this can be our bedroom!”

The kittens ate on the big flat rocks just up the slope from their bedroom!  They loved their new dining room!  They ran up the slope to eat on the big flat rocks. When they got sleepy, they would run down the slope to the soft, mossy ground.  “Hey, guys, this is our home—it’s just like a condo!” said Charlie, Jr. 

 Every morning when Nana got to work, she went out to feed and put out fresh water for the kittens.  They always ran to meet her.  One morning, Charlie, Jr., the leader of the group, was waiting near the rocks by the bench crying loudly, “Hurry up and bring our breakfast!”


Dr. Gary fed the kittens at night and checked on them often during the day.  He played with them and talked to them.  They loved to see him coming to their dining room on the big flat rocks…he brought really yummy food!


The kittens loved their condo!  They played and ran up the slope, and they ran down the slope.  Up and down the slope they ran!  They had a good time playing with each other and running back and forth—up and down the slope!

 God continued to take good care of the kittens under the big oak tree.  Every night, God watched over them and kept them safe in the dark.  One night, there was a very bad storm!  The kittens were not afraid because they knew God was with them.  God protected them, and he put his wings over them to shelter them.

One day Mary wanted to adopt two of the kittens!  The kittens knew they needed a home, and they had been talking about this.  Mary took two of the kittens home with her, and  she named them Piper and Harley!  Piper and Harley missed Cali and Charlie, Jr., but they loved their new home!

Cali and Charlie, Jr. stayed for a while longer under the big oak tree in their condo.  They missed Piper and Harley, but at least they had each other!  “What is this adoption thing, “ asked Cali.  Charlie, Jr. said, “I think it is when someone loves you enough to take you home with them.”  Cali thought about this.  “Maybe someone will adopt us!”

 On a very special day, Heather came to adopt Cali and Charlie, Jr. and take them home with her.  “Adoption is a good thing,” said Charlie, Jr.  Cali agreed.  Cali said, “It means somebody loves  you and wants you to be part of their family.”  “We have a new home!”

The condo kittens all missed their condo…a little bit…because it was fun to run up and down the slope every day!  Now they had new homes and so much love they didn’t know what to do!  They just purred and purred…the way happy little kittens do. 


They took their naps in their new beds and ate their food out of their new dishes and dreamed about running up and down the slope at their condo.  “What good memories we have of our condo, “ sighed Piper.  “Yes, it was fun,” said Harley,  “but I am glad we have a new home.”


August 4, 2012

Micaiah's Adventures


While he was in the womb
We thought he was doomed
He quit eating
Until God reached in
And started the healing

He grew up way too fast
Loving all his sports
Until at last

One day he said, “I am ready”
To accept Jesus Christ as Lord
And trust him daily

Jesus helped Micaiah one day
While on a camping trip he fell
And cut his leg badly
On a log some say

Front Porch story being told
A mountain lion that day
Chewed his leg but was sore dismayed
When Micaiah kicked him
Asunder to his grave

Emily, we hear, is backing this up
But, who knows,
Maybe Logan, the horse?
Who carried Micaiah not so swiftly
To the doctor that day

Whichever story is true
This we know
Jesus had complete control

For out of the hospital Micaiah flew
Back to camp
With his BT crew!

And now he is ready
For the biggest game
Off to the 7th grade
In Jesus’ Name!!

May 27, 2010


Nana sits down with a snack.  Here comes Percie running fast as she can! She raises her paw  to get some food.   Nana says, “Wait, Percie!  When I am ready, you can have a bite.”
 Percie continues to raise her paw and starts meowing asking for food.  Nana continues eating, ignoring Percie.  Finally, Percie gets so anxious, she sticks her paw down into Nana’s bowl!  Nana scolds Percie, “I said wait, Percie! Can’t you wait until I am ready?”
 Percie licks the delicious yogurt off her paw! She says, “No, indeed, I cannot wait! I want what I want NOW!” Nana gets up and puts Percie outside.  “Until you learn to WAIT and OBEY, you cannot sit with me.” Percie is sad because she knows that Nana is not happy with her.
 Waiting and obeying are good things.  But, it takes a long time to learn that!  You see, Percie is only a kitten, and someday, when she gets older she will learn to wait and obey Nana.  Nana will keep on teaching her to wait and obey because she really loves Percie--very, very much!

January 24, 2010

My Little Black Baby


Tiny, weak and worn
You came to me

When I was torn
By the empty nest
I was about to see.

Your little eyes were black
As could be
They matched your soft silky fur
So perfectly.

You became my baby
So sweet and cuddly
And no one else could
Get close to you hardly.

I rubbed your belly
And held you close
You were the one I loved
The most.

Of all the kitties in the world
You see,
Stormy got into my heart
So completely.

Now he is hurting
And I too am in pain
But I know my God
Can deliver healing again
And again!

Revelation 21:5
(Behold, I make all things new!)
Rest in peace, Stormy…until we meet again!

Percie misses you, too!!

January 7, 2010

Percie loves soup

It was a cold day. Percie was hungry after helping Nana at the computer all day, and Nana made her this soup. Have your mom or dad make you this soup on a cold day, and let Nana know how you like it!

(can add cooked ham, sausage, or shrimp for the meat lovers)
By chef ccasewilson

1 medium yellow onion
1 heaping tablespoon garlic
2 tablespoons olive oil
3 cups chicken broth
2 qts water (enough to cover potatoes)
2 idaho potatoes
(chopped in 1 inch cubes peel on)
2 tablespoons fresh organic thyme
2 cups organic carrots roughly chopped
2 cups frozen peas
3-4 cups fresh organic spinach
1 can chick peas drained and rinsed
1 pkg lipton vegetable soup dry mix
Worcestershire sauce to taste – 4-5 tbs.
Dash of white wine vinegar
Salt and pepper to taste
2 tablespoons browning sauce
½ cup brown rice (instant)
½ cup light sour cream
Parmesan curls and croutons for garnish

Saute onion, garlic in olive oil (salt and pepper) until onions are translucent; add chicken broth, water, thyme, potatoes and carrots cook until tender; add rice, dry soup mix, frozen peas, fresh spinach, browning sauce, sour cream, Worcestershire sauce, more s&p, vinegar and let simmer 20 minutes
Garnish soup with fresh curls of parmesan cheese and croutons/light sour cream, serve with warm ww organic tortillas

December 7, 2009


Harry, the squirrel, ran across the yard very quickly. He heard something swoosh behind him—it was frightening! Harry ran as fast as he could and scrambled up the tree where his home was.

Whew!! He made it!! The nest was warm and safe, and his mother was there to protect him. Although she was happy to see him safe, Harry’s mother was also upset with him. She had told him not to leave home without her, but Harry had disobeyed.

“You know you should not leave home and cross the yard without me,” said Harry’s mother. “I must discipline you for your behavior,” she chattered. Harry was sad. He loved his mother, and he did not want her to be mad at him. He also was still afraid of the swoosh he had heard as he was scrambling across the yard. “What was that swoosh?” thought Harry.

“Was the swoosh a huge bear?” “Was the swoosh a large scary dog?”
Was the swoosh a mean monster?” Harry could not figure out what the swoosh was.

Mother squirrel began to chatter again. “Harry,” she said, “you will have to go to bed without your supper, and you cannot go out and play tomorrow.”

Harry lay awake and thought about the swoosh. He could not go to sleep. Suddenly he heard this very loud sound—it was the swoosh again! He began to shake all over. Suddenly there was a knock at Harry’s door. It was his mother checking on him. Harry cried, “Mother please help me. I am so frightened. I heard the big swoosh again.”

”There, there, dear,” soothed Harry’s mother. “Do not be frightened. It is only the wind blowing in the trees!” “Oh, mother, I am so sorry. I was so scared, and I know I disobeyed you. I will never go out of the yard again without you. I love you!”

“I love you, too, honey,” said Harry’s mother. “Now close your eyes and go to sleep.”

November 27, 2009


He walked into our lives

Quietly and sweetly.

Always serene and loving

He never acted meanly.

He loved his running water

And his tuna in the bowl,

But most of all,

He loved to have

His forehead rubbed in a swirl.

Garage doors going up and down

Didn't frighten him at all,

For he knew the secret

To a happy life, after all.

It started with neighbors across the street,

Then on to Joshua, Tom, and Connie,

Then he decided to go where

He was needed most,

To Bill and Alberta

When their Lady they had lost.

For O.B. was an Angel Kitty

Who was sent from that heavenly city,

To give love and affection

To all of us who had

The joy of knowing his perfection.

November 17, 2009

The Robin Community

Black and slick and oh so
innocent acting
Stormy sat contemplating

The Robin family watched frantically
as their babies started ambulating

Sensing danger and oh so frightened
they called their neighbors to assist

Watching intently from afar
the Robin Community guarded the air

While on the ground Stormy's appetite grew
for he was faster than Robins who flew

A big surprise to the black and slick foe
when the Robin Community united in tow

The morsel didn't look so great after all
as the feathered flock hovered over his crawl

Screeching loudly and crying with anguish
the Robin Community got rid of the danger

They ran Stormy away and saved their babies
do we do the same?